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Ping G25 Irons Review – Why The Ping G Series?

Are you looking for a new golf club? If yes, then you should consider buying a Ping, G25 Irons.

The Ping G25 Irons are designed to provide maximum distance and forgiveness. They also feature a high MOI (moment of inertia) design, which helps them deliver consistent ball flight.

Ping has been around since 1964 and is known for its quality golf clubs.

The company was founded by Bill Moore, who wanted to create a better way to play golf.

He believed that the game needed to be improved, and he had the idea to develop a new kind of iron.

This led to the creation of the Ping G25 Irons, which were released in 2016.

Today, we’re going to go through all the features and reasons as to why the Ping G25 irons are the best club series money can buy!

You’ll be wondering why you haven’t considered them before today by the end of this fantastic article about them!

What Is The Ping G25?

Ping G25 Irons

The Ping G25 Irons come with a forged steel body and a graphite shaft. These features make these irons suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

The Ping G25 irons are available in three models: standard, fairway wood, and hybrid. Each model comes with a different shaft length.

For example, the standard model comes with a 4-iron, 5-wood, 6-hybrid, 7-fairway wood, 8-driver, 9-pitching wedge, 10-sand wedge, and 11-putter.

The fairway woods have a loft from 50° to 60°, while the hybrids have a loft between 45° and 55°.

The Ping G25 Irons have a traditional look, but they offer modern technology. The clubhead features an aerodynamic shape that makes it easier to hit longer shots.

It also provides more stability when compared to other types of irons.

The head size is slightly larger than average, which means that the club will not feel heavy on your hands.

The Ping G25 Iron’s body is made out of forged steel. The material used ensures that the club will last longer and maintain its performance.

The clubface is made out of stainless steel, which gives the club a sleek appearance. The clubface is easy to clean as well.

The Ping G 25 Irons graphite shaft offers excellent control. The shaft is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for all types of players.

The shaft can easily bend without breaking. It also allows the player to adjust the grip position according to their preference.

The Ping G 25 Iron is one of the best irons available today. Its large head size makes it easy to launch the ball into the air.

The club also delivers great distance thanks to its low center of gravity. The club is very forgiving and provides excellent feedback.

Our Pick
Ping G25 Irons Set 4-PW Black (Steel CFS REGULAR) Golf Clubs Ping G25 Irons Set 4-PW Black (Steel CFS REGULAR) Golf Clubs

Custom Tuning Port integrated into the bottom of the sole moves mass down and is aligned directly in the center of the impact area. Locating the CG lower increases MOI for extreme forgiveness. The longer irons sole widths and offset are slightly larger to launch the ball higher and have greater forgiveness. The short iron soles are designed to be versatile and have more control. Heel and toe support bars, and low-toe weighting, stabilize the face at impact.

  • Great distance control and feels
  • Unparalleled forgiveness and stability
  • Good integrated custom tuning port
  • High launching ball flight and angle
  • Some players think it's too heavy and thick
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What Makes The Ping G25 So Special?

Ping G25 irons have improved design features to make them easier to use for everyone.

Their thin tops and soles give them better performance.

They have a slight camber grind to improve the feel of the clubs when hitting the ball. G25s are very forgiving irons.

They offer great forgiveness and feel great. Offset is gradual throughout the entire set of clubs.

The G25 irons are great for any golfer who wants more distance off the tee or even a higher handicap golfer who wants a set of golf clubs that are forgiving.

These irons will make you want to play golf every day!

There are a lot of models now in the distance performance category, but the Ping G25 iron is right at the top.

This product is a game improvement iron.

Game improvement irons are designed to improve your game by making you hit longer and straighter shots.

These irons make you hit the ball further and faster. You should be hitting the ball closer to the hole. Your shots should be landing inside the target line.

The G25 is an exciting new iron from Ping Golf.

This club features a unique design that allows you to adjust your swing weight by simply changing the length of the hose.

The G25 also offers a low CG location that provides maximum forgiveness.

The G25 comes with a free hybrid shaft, but if you prefer a different type of shaft, there are several options available.

Ping G25 Irons Features

To maintain the distance, the progressively wider sole increases the center of gravity and makes the shoe more stable.

This helps the wearer feel more comfortable when walking or running.

Longer irons help players launch shots higher and farther than shorter irons.

Wide soles allow manufacturers to expand the sweet spots for golfers to use more power when hitting off-center.

Ping designed the short iron with a narrow sole. This design makes it easier for players to get the ball close to the ground.

When shaping shots, players should make sure to stay away from the toe and heel of the clubhead.

Compared to the G20 range, the middle irons in the new set feature approximately 13% less offset.

This means it is easier to get a draw or fade with these irons than with previous models. These irons will appeal to better players.

Ping’s multi-material cavity badge improves the feel and acoustical properties of the club. It also helps reduce unwanted vibrations.

What Is The Performance of The Ping G25 Like?

The G25 irons feature a CTP, or Custom Tuning Port, lower in the head, making it easier to hit longer shots.

The G25 irons also feature more perimeter weighting. The G25 irons were designed by Ping to be lighter than the previous model.

This meant the club heads had less mass, making them easier to swing and allowing them to launch farther.

More forgiveness and faster swing speeds make the G25 3 iron more forgiving than your favorite grandma. Golfers who play from tight lies may benefit from the narrow sole of the G25 3 iron.

Ping G25 irons are very forgiving golf clubs. The forgiveness comes from the lower CG, higher Moment of inertia, and thinner sole.

The thinning out of the sole improves the playability of the club.

Inertia is reduced by adding mass to the head of the club. This makes the club face stiffer and more resistant to twisting.

The club face is thinner, making it easier to swing the ball. The presence of a tuning port allows the player to change the length of the iron.

The stability of the face is improved due to the use of heel and toe supports.

The distance control is increased because of the multi-badge.

Short irons are used to control precision shots.

A transition between short irons and mid-irons helps to manage distance control. Custom tuning ports increase the ball speed and avoid miss-hits.

Longer irons provide more forgiveness and better playability.

The G25 is designed to be the most versatile iron ever made. It is more playable than any other iron and I-series iron.

It also provides a great feel when striking the ball. The G25 is designed for all types of players.

Does The Appearance And Feel Live Up To The Name?

The new Ping G25 irons are visually stunning.

The reduced offset, thinner topline, and more progressive sole width make them look even more stealthy than before.

And the graphite finish gives them an extra touch of class. The G25 irons have a wider sole, and the clubface is smaller.

The G25 irons are more like blades than the G20 iron. The G25 iron has a lower coefficient of drag, so it flies farther.

The G25 iron is designed with a dampening medallion, which makes the ball easier to control.

It is made out of 17-4 stainless steel. This iron is sleek and stylish but still maintains performance and forgiveness.

The Custom Tuning Port allows you to adjust your shots to match your swing speed.

The back of the face is blackened with a satin gunmetal-looking finish. The G25 iron set comes with a thin sole.

The Ping G25 Irons looks great! Chrome is added to the back of the iron because it gives them a nice look.

The thin top line makes the iron easier to swing. A lot of offsets are needed for the higher launch shots.

What’s The Sound Like?

Ping G25 Irons produce a nice, firm “click” that sounds about the same when you hit it flush or off-center.

The feedback they give is through feel.

When hitting the ball in the center it feels like the ball jumps off a trampoline, shots hit off the heel, and toes don’t feel as explosive.

Pros And Cons Of The Ping G25 Irons

Ping G25 Iron is an amazing iron golf club. It has great distance control and feels. It also has great forgiveness and stability.

It has a great integrated custom tuning port. It has a high launching ball flight and angle. It is very versatile and easy to work with.

However, some people may find the appearance of this iron too heavy or thick.

What You Need To Consider Before Making A Final Decision

Long irons are usually used by people who want to go farther than hybrids. Hybrids are often used by people who want a more forgiving club.

Hybrids usually have a lower center of gravity (CG) and more perimeter weighting.

This means that hybrids tend to be more forgiving when striking off the fairway. Hybrid clubs also have less turf interaction than long irons.

This means that hybrid clubs are more likely to produce a clean contact with the grass.


Blades are great for beginners, but cavities are better for advanced players.

A beginner should use a blade because it’s easier to learn how to play with them, but an advanced player should go for a cavity back because it’s harder to master.


A long shaft is recommended if you want to hit the ball far. A short shaft is more forgiving. A stiffer shaft works better for higher swing speeds.

Flexible shafts work well for lower swing speeds.

If your swing speed is below 70mph, you should try out a senior flex, and if that still isn’t enough, you can always resort to a ladies’ flex.


Most of us average golfers strive to strike the ball in a sweet spot consistently. We don’t always achieve this feat, so we don’t get the full distance out of our shots.

This leads to a loss of yardage and leaves us in trouble. That is why we recommend you acquire irons with an enhanced Sweet Spot to deliver maximum forgiveness.


Golfers who want to play better golf must learn how to make their shots more consistent. Irons and blades are used by golfers to help them make better shots.


Players should test outdistance irons before buying muscle-back irons.

Distance irons give a maximum distance, but they lack shot-stopping ability. Muscle back irons are more forgiving than distance irons.

Is The Ping G25 Suitable For Beginner Golfers?

Consistency is an essential part of golf. A beginner needs to know how to choose the right club. In this case, he/she should buy the Ping G25.

This iron is known to be one of the best irons for beginners.

The G25 series is a great choice for beginners who want to improve their game. The G25 is very comfortable and responsive.

The shaft flex makes the ball fly farther and straighter.

The shaft flex also helps prevent the ball from bouncing too much. The right side of this grip leads to the right club length and produces a great swing.

The CFS shaft combined with the clubs’ bottom cavity gives the ball a nice straight flight.

Overall Opinions

Ping G25 isn’t the prettiest irons on the market.

They’re not the easiest to feel or swing. But that’s not what Ping was after, and that’s why they made them that way.

Ping doesn’t claim that the Ping G25 will fly farther than others, but they’ve got plenty of lengths.

And after hitting several of these thin, on-heel, and toe-weighted irons, we know that Ping gave the smaller size of these irons every bit of forgiveness possible.

Final Thoughts

We love the Ping G25 Irons Clubs because of their fantastic performance overall and how they can enhance your personal experience in games!

They truly are one to stand up to the lengths of time and you’ll soon realize for yourself why when you get your hands on the best golf club available!

We hope that this article has explained everything you could ever possibly need to know about the Ping G25 irons and why you should invest in them today!

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