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How to Make Golf Bag Tubes

Golf bags nowadays usually already come with partitions for golf clubs.

But if you have an old golf bag or just want a more customized golf tube, then it’s worth knowing how to make golf bag tubes.

Below, we’ll give you the complete procedure on how to make golf bag tubes.

How to Make Golf Bag Tubes: A Step-by-Step Process

Learn to make golf bag tubes to keep your clubs safe and organized! Here’s how:

Step 1: Take a Portion of Plywood and Your Favorite Golf Bag

You can ask around for which type of wood is best to make golf bag tubes with.

Or, if you prefer, you can also experiment on your own with woods that you can easily find in hardware stores.

But make sure that you use only ONE kind of wood per tube. If you don’t, the stronger types might end up taking more weight and end up breaking.

Cut the plywood pieces so they fit perfectly in your golf bag. Most tubes measure 1.5″. But your plywood length should depend on how long the shaft of your golf club is.

Step 2: Attach the Plywood to Each End of the Golf Bag

Put the ends of the plywood pieces together, so they make a circle.

Measure half-inch borders and drill holes in the four corners.

An easy way to do this is to clamp them together before drilling them one by one. This ensures that the holes line up so the plywood pieces don’t BREAK or split later on.

Step 3: Mark the Outline of the Club With a Marker

Take a golf club and put it on top of the plywood. Mark the outline of the club with a marker.

This will be your guide in making an opening for the golf club.

Step 4: Cut Out the Opening of the Golf Club

Use a jigsaw to cut the opening.

But cut a half-inch bigger than your outline to ensure you’re giving your whole golf club (or two) enough space to fit.

Sand the edges to round any corners. This also protects you, your bag, and your clubs from scratches when you start using it.

Step 5: Drill a Hole at Each End of the Plywood Piece

Drill a hole through each end of the plywood piece. You can stick zip ties or rope through them to tie the ends well or attach them to the dividers.

If you want to keep the attachment sturdy, use duct tape ONLY on the ends.

Step 6: Fit the Golf Bag Tube in Your Bag

Put the tube in the front pocket of the golf bag with the open end sticking out.

Attach it to other tubes or the bag itself with more zip ties. You can also use hooks to keep the partition hung inside.

Alternatively, you might prefer to use a heated glue gun to stick the golf bag tubes to the bottom of the bag.

You might also want to be able to pull your tubes in and out of your golf bag.

What Are Golf Bag Tubes?

As the name suggests, golf bag tubes are containers for your clubs that you put in golf bags.

These tubes organize and protect your golf clubs.

Why Should You Learn How to Make Golf Bag Tubes?

You should learn how because it’s customizable and affordable!

Sure, some brands offer ready tubes — but what you want might not be within your budget.

Or, you’ve looked at the market and felt like you still want something that can answer your needs more.

You can choose different materials if you learn to make golf bag tubes. These materials can be found and bought at a low price in local hardware stores.

You can also adjust the height and width accordingly!

Golf bags positioned close to driving range somewhere in California

Why Should You Have Golf Bag Tubes?

When you make golf bag tubes, you should know that having them comes with a lot of benefits like:

1. It Keeps Your Golf Clubs Protected

Keeping your clubs in golf tubes prevents them from hitting each other.

Graphite shafts are especially MORE fragile than irons because they’re more lightweight and have more flex.

Long clubs might also break if the smaller ones keep bumping into them.

A golf tube also effectively prevents pitting and scarring on the shaft.

2. It Helps You Easily Grab the Right Club

You might have reached into your bag and taken some time to look for a specific club.

In a golf match, the time you should spend in-ground for your round is wasted on looking for a club.

Golf tubes can help you organize your clubs, so you don’t have to search for the exact club you need.

Ideally, when organizing your golf clubs, arrange them by height from left to right.

Keep the smallest ones (like wedges) to the right of the bag. Some golf bags already have a slot for your putter. If not, they can go somewhere to the right as well.

Putting them according to MATERIAL is helpful too — so keep your woods together. The same goes for the other clubs.

Aside from organization, you’ll also be able to easily spot a misplaced or missing club.

You might even be able to recall or find the missing club quickly.

3. It’s Easier to Carry Your Clubs

Golfers with a cart bag typically won’t have a problem driving their golf bags on the course.

But normally, a golfer will walk around the course with their golf bag stand in hand and the golf bag on their shoulders.

This is tiring and uncomfortable — especially if you have to walk long distances or on uneven terrain.

But with golf bag tubes, you can carry your clubs around without the feeling of them bumping into you all the time.

This is especially helpful if you use a stand bag, which golfers who don’t always ride typically have.

4. It Can Protect Your Golf Bag

Clubs rubbing against golf bags can cause wear and tear. Additionally, the bag can also be deformed or lose its shape.

Having a golf tube stops a club from directly touching the bag’s material.

Frequently Asked Questions about bag tubes

Now that you know how to make golf bag tubes and why you should get them, below are a few related questions:

What’s the Difference Between a Golf Bag Tube and Divider?

Both of them stop clubs from hitting each other. But golf bag tubes stop a club from rubbing the bag as well. Additionally, golf tubes are separate from the bag, while dividers typically come WITH a bag.

Can You Add Dividers to a Golf Bag?

Yes you can. Most modern golf bags already have in-built dividers. But they don’t always reach the bottom of the bags.

How Many Tubes Can Fit in a Divider?

Generally, you can comfortably fit two tubes in a single divider.

How Many Dividers Does a Golf Bag Have?

It depends on the kind of golf bag you have. The simplest would be 4-way systems, which is lighter than bags with more divisions. However, space is limited, so it can take some time to organize clubs. At the other end of the spectrum are 14-way systems. These are best if you have a stand bag or cart bag.

What Are Golf Club Tubes Made Of?

The golf club tubes you can buy are typically made of high-density polyethylene. This is durable but versatile plastic.

Can I Use PVC as a Divider?

Technically you can. But it’s not recommended. This plastic can be too heavy to be used as a divider. However, if it’s a thin piece of PVC, it MIGHT work well for you. But you can use better (and lighter) materials — such as nylon mesh or lighter plastics.

How Can I Maintain My Golf Club Tubes?

After making golf bag tubes, you want to ensure they last you a long time. Below are a few tips on how you can do so:

1. Use Good Materials

You’ll need a new golf bag tube now and then. But choosing good materials that are ALSO in good condition can make a golf tube last longer.

For instance, you can have a tougher material for iron golf clubs than lightweight graphite clubs.

2. Don’t Overstuff

Overstuffing golf bag tubes can cause deformities.

Find out first how many clubs you can comfortably fit in one tube. Take your time putting a golf club in its right place even when you’re out playing.

3. Store The Tubes Properly

You shouldn’t just leave the tubes in your golf bag when not in use.

Instead, keep them in a dry place with low moisture levels so that the golf clubs inside them don’t rust.


Making golf bag tubes is a relatively simple and cost-effective way of protecting, organizing, and carrying your clubs.

And keeping your clubs organized means you can focus your energy on the golf match — rather than struggling to find a certain club in your bag.

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