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Best Garmin GPS Watches For Cycling (Updated)

If you’re a surfer, you will know that no matter how fun and exciting the sport can be, it is also extremely dangerous. With the risk of being wiped off your board and hitting submerged obstacles under the water, it is vital to protect yourself with the appropriate safety gear. Head-related injuries are unfortunately quite…

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Best Fitbit Comparison And Reviews

The Fitbit is a device that has taken the fitness and wellness industries by storm and is typically the go-to product whenever anything thinks about a smartwatch or fitness tracker. When used correctly, a Fitbit can offer you valuable insight into your overall health and wellbeing, recording how much exercise you have taken, and offering…

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Best Golf GPS Watch With Fitness Tracker / Heart Rate Monitor

You know what? Taking a laser rangefinder on the golf course isn’t ideal. Not only do they require a clear line of sight to get the yardage, but they also require steady hands and rain or mist can affect the laser. The solution is to invest in a golf GPS watch. It gives you all…