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How to Fix a Golf Rangefinder

Golf rangefinders help us a lot whenever we play. Having a faulty device in the middle of a game is a hassle, especially if you’re training your distance.

But thankfully, the most common problems are easy to troubleshoot. We have quick fixes and explanations so you can play golf without interruptions!

How to Fix a Golf Rangefinder and the Common Problems to Address

If you came across this article, chances are you’re experiencing any of these:

  • Broken LCD 
  • Blank display
  • Failure to get target range
  • Inaccurate readings

Most of the time, these problems have simple solutions.

LCD Does Not Light Up

LCDs are the most apparent indicators of a working device. If it fails to light up, it could be a battery problem or an internal error with wires.

If it’s the latter, we don’t suggest opening up your golf rangefinder and rewiring them yourself unless you know what you’re doing. The improper handling may lead to more damage.


The easiest solution is to press the power button switch and hold it for a while. Or, if you’re using the Bushnell Tour range finder, it’s the “fire” button.

If it still doesn’t light up, check if it’s weak batteries. Recall when was the last time you changed batteries and replace them with newer ones.

If it’s none of the above, we suggest taking your golf rangefinder to a professional who knows how to fix the wirings inside. They can also search better to see if there’s a different problem.

There Is a Blank Display

Blank displays are one of the most common problems in golf rangefinders, especially with a Bushnell rangefinder. It often happens when you change modes.

Sometimes, it’s more severe damage, such as loose connections.


Pressing the mode button usually does the trick. Keep pressing until you change to a mode that shows the screen display.

If it’s the loose connections, take your golf rangefinder to the service center as a safer option.

“Bushnell Tour V3 repairing” by Qiu Donglin on YouTube.

Again, we don’t suggest opening the device up yourself if you’re not as knowledgeable. But if you’re confident you can repair it, a manual DIY fix can save you lots.

You can also try opening the battery chamber cover and check the condition of your batteries. See if there’s anything wrong, or perhaps you’re due for a replacement.

Cannot Get Target Range

Golf rangefinders are practically useless if the target is inaccurate, so it can be frustrating to encounter this error.

It’s a common problem among lower-quality rangefinders and not so much on the more premium ones such as the Bushnell Rangefinder options.

An inaccurate target range results from tampered exteriors like dirty lenses, which leads to blurry readings. Since golf is an outdoor game, getting your lens soiled is normal!

Another factor could, once again, be weak batteries. Yes, the battery’s health is crucial to rangefinders — including Bushnell rangefinder options.


Regularly wipe your lens with a microfiber cloth after each game. It’s vital to keep it clean for accurate readings.

It’s also part of maintenance to check the batteries and replace them as needed. Several problems arise when your battery is not good.

While you’re already at it, inspecting your rangefinders’ battery chamber cover and battery cap to see if anything needs fixing is also a good practice.

Faulty Readings and Data

Connected to the previous problem, faulty readings are serious problems. In some instances, there are no readings at all.

An inaccurate reading in rangefinders is often caused by a mode change, similar to blank displays. Since you’re not in the correct mode, the results vary.

It can also be another case of dirty lenses. Then if it’s none of the above, the worst-case scenario is a software problem.


Hold the mode button to solve the mode change and keep pressing until you get to your desired mode. Give it a few test runs to see if it now has an accurate measure.

It’s also a lot simpler to fix a dirty lens. Wipe it clean! But remember to use a soft cloth to avoid scratches and further problems.

Lastly, bringing the unit to a nearby service center for professional repair is best if your rangefinder has software problems.

“Range Finder Easy Fix | Low Battery Issue” by The Backyard Golfer on YouTube.

What Are the Different Parts of a Golf Rangefinder? [Bushnell Tour Rangefinder]

You need to know the parts of your rangefinder and their names so repair can be more manageable. You can quickly pinpoint the problem and have it fixed.

Do you know how to identify your rangefinders? We’re pretty sure you do, but for our newbies, this section is for you!

“Bushnell Tour V5 Dance Commercial” by Bushnell Golf on YouTube.

Battery Chamber

Let’s start with the simplest! It’s exactly how it sounds; the battery chamber is the compartment that holds your batteries and is covered with the battery cap.


The eyecup is a rangefinder part where the user can position and point their eyes to see through the unit device, like a camera!

It’s a part that has a replacement option you can conveniently buy.

A brand example that carries these would be Bushnell. You can also get parts for your Bushnell laser rangefinder.

Mode Button

It typically has a lot of functions, such as changing the mode from yard to meters and vice versa. For some rangefinders, it’s a button that can bring you to the settings.

The mode button is a vital and common feature for a rangefinder.

Objective Lenses

Think of it as the opposite of an eyecup. If the latter is where the user positions their eyes, objective lenses are faced outward, catching the light, and reflecting the image you see.

Power Button

Of course, last but not least, we all know this. It’s for turning the rangefinder on and off!

Strap Eyelet

This isn’t exactly a part of the rangefinders but one of the accessories. It’s additional protection for your rangefinder.

General Fixes for the Bushnell Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V5 Rangefinder. Image source: Bushnellgolf.
The Bushnell Tour V5 Rangefinder. Image source: Bushnellgolf.

Suppose you don’t know what’s wrong with your rangefinder, and you still don’t have the time to bring it to a service center. Here are some quick fixes to try in hopes that it works!

Since a Bushnell rangefinder (i.e., Bushnell Tour V3, Bushnell Tour V4 Laser, Bushnell Tour V5) is one of the most familiar brands, we’ll use it as an example.

Changing the Mode

The mode is essential to how the rangefinder functions. A Bushnell rangefinder commonly has a yard, meter, and jolt feature (a signal feature).

Switching the mode usually solves the most common problems among rangefinders and makes all the difference!

Checking the Batteries

The most common problems also stem from batteries that have gone weak.

It can lead to the previous problem(s) discussed above, like the blank display or dysfunctioning LCDs.

Reset the Rangefinder

It’s funny, but the “turn it on and off” trick usually works! If you don’t know how else to fix it, reset it by holding the power tab along with the bottom left-hand button.

Wait for a while before turning it back on. See if it works this time!

Check the User Manual or Device/Product Manual

You can find many of the rangefinder problems in the user manual. It’ll tell you how to calibrate a blank display, repair broken LCDs, a blurry screen, etc.

It may be a hassle to go through the fine print of a manual, but it can help you a lot.

Bushnell Rangefinder Warranty

Don’t underestimate them; warranties are one of the best perks! If none of the quick fixes work, it’s time to let experts repair your golf rangefinder.

The good thing with Bushnell is that they offer free repair as part of their quality warranty promise. You can easily apply on their site.

However, note that you would need the legitimate serial number, which you can find in the outer package of your golf rangefinders.

They’ll check the authenticity of your purchase first before qualifying you for a warranty.


Rangefinders are helpful devices for playing golf, and it can be frustrating to find them not working. But don’t panic; many quick fixes are easy and usually solve the problem.

If not, repair centers and warranty guarantees are always available for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Rangefinder troubleshooting

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about troubleshooting golf rangefinders.

Why Is My Rangefinder Not Working?

It could be broken batts, software problems, or a change in the mode. “Not working” entails a lot of different things. It can be a blank display, a broken screen, or an inaccurate reading. The point is, there are many possibilities as to why your rangefinder won’t work. It would be best to get to the bottom of it, address the real problem, and have it fixed.

How Do You Reset a Golf Rangefinder?

You can reset a golf rangefinder by simultaneously holding down the power and the bottom left-hand button. To turn it back on, simply press the power tab again.

Why Is My Rangefinder Blurry?

A blurry rangefinder is often caused by a dirty lens, which you can quickly solve by wiping it with a soft cloth. In worse cases, it’s a software problem that calls for service center repair.

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