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How to best store your golf clubs

Playing golf is one good outdoor exercise. Not only will it improve your body and mind, but it can help you build character and make friends. For some, playing golf boosts business relations.

Your golf clubs are your lifeline when playing golf, so you must take good care of the golf gear.

When storing golf clubs, the major thing you must think about is getting the temperature controlled.

Day-to-Day storage of Golf Clubs

Suppose you’re a frequent player and you do not need to consider storing your golf clubs for months. You wait for another golf game to hit the golf course in the next few days.

Where can you leave them temporarily?

You can take them to your house and find enough room where you got the temperature and climate controlled.

A small closet will do. You can also store your golf clubs in the garage but only for a few days.

If your garage has moisture build-up, you better find another storage facility. High humidity in the garage can cause rust, which will decrease your golf clubs’ value.

What’s important to think about for the day-to-day storage of clubs?

When finding storage for your golf clubs, the number one thing you must consider is the temperature.

Never leave your golf gear in your vehicle’s trunk because the temperature can rise to 200 degrees, and the epoxy on the head and the glue under the grip can break down.

The clanging can also scratch your golf clubs, so why risk it?

When storing golf clubs, ensure they’re clean and completely dry alongside their bag interior before you put them away.

Long-Term Golf Club Storage

If you’re thinking about golf club storage for a few months, a temperature-controlled environment should be on top of your mind.

Take your golf equipment to your home or any interior location with a dry environment and temperature control.

Before you store your clubs, you must deep clean the head and wipe down shafts. Allow them to dry completely and put them into the golf bag.

Also, ensure that your golf bag is dry and clean. If it has a rain cover, put the cover above the top of the bag.

Don’t even think about your trunks or leaking garage; look for a safe space or closet where the bag interior won’t get crushed.

How to properly clean your golf clubs

Deep cleaning golf clubs is a simple task. First, find a brush with soft bristles, a soft and dry towel, a bucket with warm water, elbow grease, or a gentle dish detergent.

Add three teaspoons of detergent to your bucket of water. Place the club heads in the water and leave them for five minutes.

Take the irons and eliminate the dirt using your brush. Give the grooves and club head a deep clean. You can use a toothbrush for the grooves.

Then, rinse the irons and dry the clubs using a towel. NEVER leave your clubs wet, as this may lead to rust build-up.

Many golfers miss the grips when cleaning, which can wear them out. You can clean the grips by wiping them with a cloth, but don’t use a wet rag.

You can also drench the brush in warm soapy water and scrub all of its sides. For handy tips, you can use baby oil, dab it in a cloth, and polish the heads.

What’s important to think about for the long-term storage of clubs?

If you aim to make your golf clubs last longer, you must manage them accordingly. Storing your golf clubs in the right environment will do the trick.

How you find storage daily and the proper method of cleaning the golf clubs are the same manner.

Before you let them sleep for a long time, conduct a deep cleaning. This will eliminate the dirt that may lead to wearing out of the metal heads.

You can also insulate your grips since they are made from rubber, leather, and plastics. If exposed to the cold, they may become fragile and start to crack.

So, you can cover them using plumbing insulation to give them protection against the cold.

Most golfers are well aware that rain could occur while they are playing, so rain covers will protect against the humidity that might lead to rust.

“The Best Way to Organize Your Golf Space!” by MrShortGame Golf on YouTube.

Places Where You Shouldn’t Store Your Golf Clubs

While there is an appropriate storage location for your golf clubs, knowing where you shouldn’t store them is necessary.

Here are some of the places that you should avoid:

1: Car trunk

Your trunk is not good storage for golf clubs due to heat and high humidity.

The constant movement of the vehicle will make your golf clubs bang around, resulting in scratches and dents.

It is safe to say that golf clubs hate excessive heat, which is what your trunk gives.

Constant exposure to high temperatures can disintegrate the epoxy and glue that links the clubhead and shaft.

2: Places with cold temperatures

The lower temperatures in regions with cold weather may not be as detrimental as the extreme heat, but they can still cause the grips to dry out and crack.

Generally, don’t store your clubs in spaces with poor insulation and a damp environment, like your leaking basement or unfinished garage, where you cannot control the temperature.

It should be free from moisture and humidity, even if that’s just a small space.

How To Store Golf Clubs Without A Golf Bag

If you don’t have a golf bag for your golf club, or if you don’t want to store them anywhere. You can purchase a freestanding golf rack.

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Either way, you can opt for a bin, but ensure that you cover them with an insulator or bubble wrap to keep them isolated.

It will also help to keep your golf equipment organized to avoid damage.

A storage rack will help you find your apparel, such as golf shoes, golf ball sleeves, and other golf accessories. This will prevent sandwich bags and tipping over them.

You can buy storage racks in your local stores or through online shops.

Can I store my golf clubs in the garage?

You may store golf clubs in the garage, provided that they’re in a dry location. The garage is all right for only a few days.

However, note that if your garage has too much humidity during winter, this may cause golf clubs to rust.

Suppose the temperature in your garage changes from summer months to winter months. There’s a possibility that the club heads and shaft will expand and contract.

The stress caused by the garage could erode the epoxy and glues of the club head and grip.

So, make sure you find a space in your garage that’s not exposed to heat and cold.


If you live in a harsh winter or rainfall location, it might be good to cover them to fend off moisture and keep the optimum temperature.

How to best store your golf clubs in an apartment

Suppose you want to properly store your golf clubs in your tiny apartment. You can use some hooks and hang them on the wall.

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You can also hang them on the wall of your closet, place them in a container, and store them under the bed.

You can use the hooks to hang the golf bag and fasten it to the ceiling rafters if you want to take the wall space.

Whichever way you choose, remember the optimum temperature.

“Build a Golf Bag Holder! Organize Your Golf Gear” by April Wilkerson on YouTube.


When storing your golf clubs, find a safe space where it is dry, and they won’t be exposed to extreme heat or cold temperatures.

Clean them before you put them away, and make sure that the bag interior has no moisture.

Don’t place them in the trunks, as they may get dents from clanging. You can put them in the garage, but only for a short period.

The ideal place for your golf clubs is in your house, with a temperature-controlled environment.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to best store your golf clubs

We have some additional information that may come in handy when storing golf clubs in different situations.

Is it OK to store golf clubs in the garage?

Yes, it’s OK to store golf clubs in the garage. Make sure that your garage area is clean and dry at an optimum temperature to avoid epoxy and resin breakdown.

How do you store a lot of golf clubs?

If you’re not comfortable storing your golf clubs in the garage, you can get a bin or golf club rack to keep them organized. If you opt for the bin, cover them to isolate your clubs from each other and prevent scratches.

How should I store my new golf clubs?

If you’re one of those premium milled putters that want to maintain the longevity of your golf clubs, consider climate and temperature control. You need to clean them and avoid the heat and cold, which can break down the epoxy and glue of the golf club.

Is it OK to leave golf clubs outside during winter?

NO. Your golf clubs hate the heat, but it does not like the cold temperature either. Don’t put them in the garage there during winter, as exposure to cold temperatures could dry out the grips and cause cracks.

Is it bad to leave golf clubs in the car in winter?

The trunk of your vehicle is NOT SUITABLE for storage for your golf clubs. Your garage would be a better choice than cars.

Is the cold bad for golf clubs?

Yes, because the lower temperature can freeze the golf clubs solid.
You will know if they’re impaired by the following:
– Color of the grip
– Rust on the blades and the shafts
– Cracks on the head cover

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